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The Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter is a promise by the UK Private Hire Taxi and Mini-Cab industry to adhere to the very highest standards of sanitation.

By signing up for the Charter you pledge to do everything you can operationally to protect your customers and help your drivers to create and maintain a safe environment.

Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter
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The Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter

Every firm signing up to the Charter will deliver the following procedures, implemented at all times by all staff and drivers:

  • Social Distancing guidelines will be followed by the Driver.

  • Drivers will have no physical contact with the passenger. (Unless in an emergency situation or if a passenger requests assistance)

  • Hand sanitisers will be provided to all drivers and customers. Drivers will sanitise their hands regularly.

  • Option to pay by card through Passenger app or other means, to avoid drivers and passengers handling cash.

  • Vehicles that have a shield installed will be regularly cleaned and sanitised.

  • Drivers will wear clean clothes each day, be well-presented and maintain impeccable personal hygiene.

  • Drivers will wear PPE in line with the latest government guidelines.

  • The Passenger area of the vehicle will be wiped down and cleaned with sanitiser regularly.

  • The Driver will conduct a weekly inspection and deep clean of their vehicle.

  • Signage to be displayed, (where available and where licensing permits) to convey safety and sanitation messages in and out of vehicle.

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